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Summer Travel Essentials for Cooler Destinations

Posted: Jul 05 2016

With summer officially here, vacation season has begun. Something about the warm weather has us all ready to pack our bags and travel.


But, just because it's summer doesn't mean we'll automatically be jet-setting at the beach or in tropical climes. Summer can mean cool weather, especially if traveling to Europe or Asia.

Whether it's a month long trip around Europe or a short weekend getaway, the trip to that final destination can be quite a hassle. Comfort is of course key while sitting in a plane or squeezed in a car for multiple hours on end, but that doesn't mean you can't look cute at the same time. The right pieces will have you traveling in style while still allowing you to sit down and relax throughout your journey. 

Jeans are of course an essential when traveling from one place to the other. That  perfect pair that just fits so nicely yet feels so comfortable is exactly what you need during those tedious hours of waiting. Haven't found that perfect pair yet? Try the DL1961 Florence Jeans in Seymour. The ripped knee will add a slight edge to your outfit while the fabric is formatting and super soft. There's a reason why they're a celebrity favorite. 

dl1961 Florence Jeans in Seymour


While your final destination may be super hot, the plane never is. Therefore, a thin, long sleeve top seems like the perfect compromise. Pair those perfect jeans with the Splendid Light Jersey Long Scoop Neck Tee, and you'll be ready to go. The super-soft cotton material will have you feeling like you never left your bed. Splendid Light Jersey Long Scoop Neck Tee

Any travel look wouldn't be complete without a big scarf. A scarf is the ultimate essential when it comes to traveling. It adds warmth when needed and can act as a pillow and even a blanket. Wrap it around your neck to look stylish while walking around the airport, and then use it as a blanket during the flight! The White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap is the perfect scarf for this. The cashmere fabric offers amazing comfort and will keep you warm during your journey. Try the scarf in Bubblegum Heather to add a pop of color to your outfit and keep you glowing after a long flight. 

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap in Bubblegum Heather


Add some cute booties or sneakers to the look and you're ready to travel! With this cute but comfy look the long hours of waiting to finally arrive at your destination will be so much easier! 


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