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Back to Basics: The Plain White Tee

Posted: Jun 16 2015

There is one thing every woman has in her closet. It has been a staple in women's fashion for decades. What is this amazing piece we speak of? Yes, you guessed it! The plain white tee!! (I'm sure you didn't even look at the title) It is so simple, yet so sophisticated.

It can be transformed from an every day, errand-running t-shirt, to a fabulous blouse that can be worn to any event. Jil Sander's recent runway show featured white tees paired with gorgeous maxi skirts.


 Women's Designer Clothing


Mary Kate Olsen and Amber Heard are two perfect examples of using this Jil Sander inspiration by dressing up a white tee for a premier event. 


Women's Designer Clothing


Mary Kate and Amber both have their white shirts worn with a neutral maxi skirt. The simple, clean colors and lines of the outfits create a lengthening effect that is absolutely stunning.

Many celebs have also been seen wearing a basic white tee out and about, using it as a way to express their personal style.


Women's Designer Clothing


Kate Moss wore her plain white tee with jeans and a black jacket. By tucking in her shirt and tucking in her jeans she is able to make her plain shirt seem edgy and bold. If you want to go a different direction than edgy and bold, try preppy and chic. Jessica Alba makes this possible by putting a patterned blazer over her t-shirt and adding some colorful pointed toe heels. 

It is plain to see the reasoning behind making the basic white tee a staple. It goes with everything and can be made in to anything.


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P.S. For all of you cold-blooded gals who bring a sweater into the restaurant (you know who you are), try the Brisa Soft Texture Knit Tee by Velvet by Graham and Spencer for a long sleeve option! The breathable, flirty sheer material makes it perfect for the summer!


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