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Fall Fashion Trends

Posted: Aug 22 2014

Most of us at Crocus are, how should we put it, warm weather lovers. Cold to us is anything below 60 degrees. But there’s something about September being right around the corner that gets us really excited for fall. And by “fall,” we mean fall clothing! 

We couldn’t believe it when "Saved by the Bell" 90’s fashion made a comeback recently. It was a bit freeing to break out our acid washed denim and relive our glory days, but from a fashion standpoint we’re much happier that fall seems to be an ode to the 60’s. Short skirts, knee high boots and Grandma’s florals are back. We especially love this trend for warm-weather climates where bare legs and sleeveless tops are suitable year round.

Tracy Reese Dressesshoshanna clothingWomen's Designer Clothing

Bright colors are also here to stay this fall season. Crazy prints and neon colors can carry you from summer through the end of the year. Don’t be afraid to throw some metallic in there, too. We don’t ever want to live in a world where metallic ain’t right.

 shoshanna dressnicole miller dressplenty by tracy reese dressnicole miller dresses

Remember when Emma Watson wore a dress over a pair of pants on the Golden Globe red carpet and people thought it was a bit strange? Turns out she’s a trendsetter once again! This fall you’ll see dresses over pants all over the streets. There are plenty of new options to snag, but its also a super easy way to try a new trend without spending wads of cash. Use what you’ve already got.

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Girls on the go will be happy that sneakers are on trend this fall. Let’s face it, its much more comfortable to be fabulous in flats. Pair some flashy sneaks with a flouncy, neon mini or some paisley harem pants.

torn by ronny kobo dress


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