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Loungewear as Street Wear

Posted: Aug 12 2014

We’ve noticed – and might we add, LOVE – the latest trend of glammed-up loungewear as suitable clothing. Walking around glam cities like Los Angeles and New York, you can’t walk 50 feet without seeing tiny, fluttery shorts reminiscent of pajama bottoms or printed pants with elastic at the ankles that totally remind us of co-ed gym class. Oh, and hello one-piece jumpsuits! When paired with some heels and chunky, gold jewelry, the one-piece wonder goes from sleep to chic.  Check out supermodel Alessandra Ambriosio in this version in NYC recently.

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The best part about this trend is that it flatters almost any body. The leggy-type girls can flaunt their gams in shorts. Curvy girls can really rock a romper. Heck, this post-pregnancy body loves a fancy pair of elastic harem pants.  Actress Jordana Brewster rocked the romper in LA, while star-on-the-rise Dakota Johnson went glam in a satin-y black jumpsuit. Meanwhile, actress and singer Emmy Rossum kept it real during the day in a dark blue casual jumpsuit.

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To keep this look fresh, go for bright colors, geometric patterns, and lightweight fabrics like a silky linen blend.



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