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3 Work Outfits You Can Go Out In

Posted: Jul 05 2016

How often have you been at work, before you decided to have some drinks with co-workers or friends? Once your shift or workday ends, you may not have time to go home and get changed.
Of course, while you're at work, you'll want to look professional and well-presented. Once you're out on the town, however, you may want to wear something with a little more personality. 
The solution?
An outfit that covers both needs, all wrapped into one fashionable look. These four outfits are perfect for a professional environment, but will also allow you to transition to a fun and relaxing night out. 

1. Black dress with a blazer 

Blake Lively - blazer and dress
Blake Lively is seen here, looking chic and feminine. When you have a well-made blazer, you can pull off so many looks. A classic black dress worn underneath a bright blazer maintains a leave of professionalism, while allowing you to express your sense of style. Once the workday is over, take your blazer off, put on your favorite designer jewelry, and you're ready for a well-deserved martini. We have a number of black dresses to choose from, including the Tippy Sweater Dress by Shoshanna
Tippy Sweater Dress by Shoshanna

2. A Collared Dress 

Holly Polo Dress
The Holly Polo Dress by Shoshanna is the perfect example of a beautifully designed piece, that is both comfortable and functional — yet feminine and adorable. After your boss gives you the go-ahead, t hrow on your favorite pair of pumps and strut your stuff towards the nearest cafe or wine bar.

3. A Funky Skirt 

work outfits you can go out in
While at the office, you can still show off your personal sense of style while maintaining a professional look. A quality skirt can be worn so many ways, and can easily be accessorized to add your own personal pizzazz. Pencil skirts are classic and professional, yet fashionable and highly wearable. 


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