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  • Summer Travel Essentials for Cooler Destinations

    Summer Travel Essentials for Cooler Destinations
    With summer officially here, vacation season has begun. Something about the warm weather has us all ready to pack our bags and travel.   But, just because it's summer doesn't mean we'll automatically be jet-setting at the beach or in tropical climes. Summer can mean cool weather, especially if traveling to Europe or Asia. Whether it's a month long trip around Europe or a short weekend getaway, the trip to that final destination can be quite a hassle. Comfort is of course key while sitting in a plane or squeezed in a car for multiple hours on end, but that doesn't mean you can't look cute at the same time. The right pieces will have you traveling in style while still allowing you to sit down and relax throughout your journey.  Jeans are of course an essential when traveling from one place to the other. That  perfect pair that just fits...

    Posted: Jul 05 2016

  • 3 Work Outfits You Can Go Out In

    Shoshanna Romper
    How often have you been at work, before you decided to have some drinks with co-workers or friends? Once your shift or workday ends, you may not have time to go home and get changed. Of course, while you're at work, you'll want to look professional and well-presented. Once you're out on the town, however, you may want to wear something with a little more personality.  The solution? An outfit that covers both needs, all wrapped into one fashionable look. These four outfits are perfect for a professional environment, but will also allow you to transition to a fun and relaxing night out.  1. Black dress with a blazer  Blake Lively is seen here, looking chic and feminine. When you have a well-made blazer, you can pull off so many looks. A classic black dress worn underneath a bright blazer maintains a leave of professionalism, while allowing you to express your...

    Posted: Jul 05 2016

  • Invite Rebecca Taylor Into Your Summer Collection

    Rebecca Taylor blazer
    The vibrancy of spring, often leads to the re-vamping of your wardrobe. Cardigans and sweaters are pushed to the back of the closet, making room for all of your new spring additions. At CROCUS, we're thrilled to announce the arrival of Rebecca Taylor's collection.  Both modern and refined, Rebecca's new arrivals are feminine, yet playful. Using unique color combinations and prints, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is both polished and impressive. Her brand has a loyal following, and after viewing these pieces, you'll see exactly why that is.   New Arrivals — Rebecca Taylor  Whether you're heading out with the girls or entering a meeting, Rebecca Taylor's collection is sophisticated, yet romantic. From a fuchsia refined suiting jacket to a diamond lace skirt, her collection is versatile — there's a 'perfect' piece for every taste and style.   Sleeveless Clip Top   This textured lace top features a stunning...

    Posted: Jul 05 2016

  • Spring Is in Full-Swing, Don't Miss out on These Must-Haves

    Sleeveless Clip Top by Rebecca Taylor
    Spring is such as special time of year, as Mother Nature breathes life into the resilient landscape. As everything blooms and becomes that much more vibrant, we can't help but match its beauty. Spring fashion is all about cute dresses, light jackets, and sleeveless tops — it's certainly time to ditch those layers. Don't miss out on this season's hottest must-haves.  Dresses and Skirts  Nothing like showing off a bit of leg after the winter and with this selection of dresses and skirts, you'll be sure to find a personal favorite — or three. 1. Kelsey Dress by Shoshanna If you're looking for a cute addition to your wardrobe, look no further. The Kelsey Dress offers a fit and flare silhouette, not to mention gorgeous attention to detail. When you're walking down the street in this white and yellow beauty, you'll think to yourself, spring never looked so good. Have a closer look...

    Posted: May 23 2016

  • 10 Incredible Bargains You HAVE to Check Out

    Shop sale items at CROCUS today
    Everyone LOVES a good bargain, and when you are scoring items like the ones listed below, you really feel like you hit the jackpot. These bargain finds may be affordable, but they are most certainly high in quality — you're sure to find a must-have within the following. Top 5 Picks Under $100  1. Mallory Lattice Stripe Cami by Ella Moss At such a great price, you'll feel like you're stealing this top. Featuring a delicate a-line silhouette, you'll start off summer right. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or a classic skirt — check it out. 2. Brisa Knit Tee - Velvet by Graham & Spencer The soft texture of the Brisa will make you never want to take it off. With stunning detail work, including the delicate scoop neckline and gentle draping at the back, this is the perfect addition to a pair of denim skinnies. Check it out...

    Posted: May 23 2016