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12 Middle East Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following

Posted: Jul 08 2015

About two weeks ago we gave you a blog about 15 of our favorite American bloggers. Now, we are giong to take a trip to the beautiful Middle East! We have put together a list of 12 blogs that we believe you should follow. These ladies are phenomenal and know what they are talking about! 

Here we go!


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#1 The Fierce Diaries

Nadya Hasan, a UAE national, started The Fierce Diaries. She has a major passion for fashion and you can totally see it throughout her blog. She knows exactly how to mix street style with luxury fashion. She is basically a household name in the Middle East and has attended many exclusive events. We definitely trust her opinion!


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#2 Lyla Loves Fashion

Born and raised in Dubai, Zahra Lyla began blogging in 2009 on Lyla Loves Fashion. She was a total tomboy growing up and didn't realize her love of fashion until her second year of college. She uses fashion as an outlet to express her personal style, and she has been featured in publications such as Harper's Bazaar and Elle!


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#3 Style Drifter

Style Drifter is run by Teresa Karpinska, a fashion stylist from Sweden who moved to Dubai. Blogging is her biggest hobby and her best creative outlet. She writes about her life, work, and personal style. She loves creating fashion editorials, life style shoots, and catwalk shows. From the looks of her blog, she never has a dull moment! You won't regret keeping tabs on her!


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#4 My Fash Diary

Tala Samman is the driving force behind My Fash Diary. She was born in Chicago, and is originally Sirian, but grew up in Dubai! She uses her blog as a celebration for what she loves-- fashion, beauty, travel, and food. She wants everyone to understand that "fashion is what others declare is in, style is what you declare is in."


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#5 The Fashion Hub

The Fashion Hub was founded by sisters Parisa and Lydia Birgani as an interactive website based on the world of fashion. It was launched in 2012 and is based between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. TFH recognizes the conceptual aspect of fashion and promotes it through their fabulous style portal!


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#6 Sand in the CIty

Sand in the City started in 2012 and has already grown to be a huge presence! It is an independent street style blog that is based in Dubai. Olga, inspired by similar projects around the world, began this blog to show how people express themselves in Dubai through how they dress. 


Fashion Blog

#7 Shoestova

Shoestova is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by Natalie Shustova. Natalie lives in Dubai and loves living life to the fullest, in style. She launched her site in 2013 with the aim of sharing her experiences through pictures and personal commentary on fashion and lifestyle.


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#8 Five Five Fabulous

Five Five Fabulous was created by two Lebanese sisters, Reem and Natalya Kanj. It was founded in 2012 as a platform to share their experiences with fashion, style, and travel. They both have an amazing eye for detail and you can see that in all of their outfits!


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#9 La Moda Dubai

Established in 2010, La Moda Dubai is an authoritative fashion and luxury lifestyle blog. Its mission is to provide breaking fashion and lifestyle news to everyone in the Middle East. They have a huge loyal following, and we can see why! Follow them to stay up to date on all things new and exciting in the industry!


 fashion blog in middle east

#10 Lebrasse

Kat Lebrasse created Lebrasse to chronicle the thoughts, inspiration, and style of an "everyday woman" who is fashion obsessed. She provides honest opinions of life, fashion, love, beauty, and travel! She describes her style as "1 part high street, 1 part high fashion, 1 part vintage pieces, a sprinkle of her own designs, and a dash of confidence", and we love her for that!


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#11 Style is Necessity

Samantha Francis runs Style is Necessity with a goal to inspire. She wants to teach women how to combine what they have in their closet (cut up jeans, mom's old disco jacket, your favorite vintage dress) into a style masterpiece. She believes that it is not about what or who you wear, but how you wear it!


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#12 Sand and Smoke

Sand and Smoke was created as an online platform to combine the love of high end luxury fashion with a fresh and active focus. They give you the hottest fashion, fitness, food, and travel trends. They are a team of professionals that work together to make sure you are the best you that you can be!


There you go, 12 of our favorite Middle East blogs that we think are too important to miss!

Which blogs do you recommend for CROCUS girls? Let us know! 


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