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15 Fashion Bloggers in America That We Love

Posted: Jun 24 2015

Bloggers are the free agents of the fashion world. Like your best friend who always tells you how it is, they are a trustworthy voice that we can follow. You spend your days online seeing what these girls are up to, what they're wearing, and what their favorites for the week are. This past week, we have been busy compiling a list of our 15 favorite blogs in America. These are the blogs that we love and believe every fashion girl needs to be following. 

Drum roll please...



Happily Grey

#1 Happily Grey

Happily Grey is run by Mary. She uses her blog as a creative outlet to inspire everyone who reads it. She believes that style is more than just the clothes you wear, but the way you act and the confidence you exude. She creates  unique, original content that is sure to trigger your inner fashionista. 


Gal Meets Glam

#2 Gal Meets Glam

Julia Engel uses her blog as a way to encourage others to "add a little glam" to their life. Based in San Francisco, she covers everything from fashion to travel. She loves what she does and uses Gal Meets Glam as a creative platform to fulfill her dreams.



Gary Pepper

#3 Gary Pepper

Nicole Warne has partnered with several premium brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Lane Crawford. She has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle to name a few. In 2012 she was the first fashion blogger to walk the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! Her opinion is highly regarded, and we can see why! Her style is impeccable. 


We Wore What

#4 We Wore What

We Wore What is a daily outfit inspiration from Danielle. She created the site as a New York City street style blog, but it quickly became a personal fashion diary. Danielle knows that getting ready should be the easiest part of your day, but it is often the hardest, and that is why she blogs. Let her take you on a tour of the city that never sleeps. 


Song of Style

#5 Song of Style

Song of Style was created by Aimee. She had a goal to inspire self confidence and teach people how to work with what you've got. Follow Aimee for some fabulous fashion inspiration!


Carrie Bradshaw Lied

#6 Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Kathleen is a self-proclaimed "budget-friendly fashionista". She was Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2005 and has a dream to become a Real Housewife (who doesn't??). She points out the flaws that Carrie Bradshaw presented in Sex and the City. She realized that life after college isn't as easy as Carrie made it seem. Using this as her inspiration, she began Carrie Bradshaw Lied and posts fabulous outfits, beauty tips, travel destinations, and even DIY projects.


Sincerely Jules

#7 Sincerely Jules

The purpose of Sincerely Jules is to motivate readers one outfit at a time. Julie Sarinana founded her blog in February 2009 and since has been featured on E! News,, and Teen Vogue! She lets you follow her daily style, travels, and life adventures. Jules is effortlessly awesome.


Atlantic // Pacific

#8 Atlantic // Pacific

Blair Eadie is the creative force behind Atlantic Pacific. She posts her daily outfits to her blog. From casual, to night out, she has it all! Her style is phenomenal and classy. 


The Glamourai

#9 The Glamourai

New York-based stylist Kelly Framel is the driving force behind The Glamourai. She posts multiple editorials, outfit ideas, beauty tutorials, and more that will have you daydreaming from 9-5. The Galmourai is your ultimate fantasy blog. 


Sea of Shoes

#10 Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes should definitely become part of your world. The beautiful Ariel, um excuse me, Jane Aldridge, collects amazing vintage pieces and put together wonderful outfits. Her one-of-a-kind style makes her one of our favorites!


Pink Peonies

#11 Pink Peonies

Living just outside of Salt Lake City, Rachel Parcell is a blogger and jewelry designer. She blogs to document the things she loves, a major topic being fashion. She shows her daily outfits and beauty tips on Pink Peonies. Rachel's blog is not one to be missed!


Damsel in Dior

#12 Damsel in Dior

Jacey Duprie is the editor or Damsel in Dior. The blog covers topics from fashion and lifestyle to home decor! She reminds her readers to never feel like a damsel in distress. Own what you have! She has appeared in several ad campaigns for SAKS, GAP, and Nordstrom, and has been seen in Vanity Fair and Forbes. We are obsessed with her personal style and input on the latest fashions. 


The Fashion Guitar

#13 The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte, mom of two and blogger extraordinaire, wants to bring inspiration to anyone and everyone. Soon after blogging she realized what a big piece of her life, and the lives of other amazing women, The Fashion Guitar had become. She uses her blog as a way to stay true to herself and share her favorite designers.


Wendy's Lookbook

#14 Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen is based in Los Angeles and finds inspiration in everything including art, food, culture, and even music. She believes that fashion is a compilation of all of these things. She uses her website to let you join her on the journey of finding personal style. 


This Time Tomorrow

 #15 This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow is a personal style blog for Krystal Bick. She started her blog as a hobby in 2009 and is now one of her daily passions. On her blog you will see her daily outfit posts, current trend opinions, and general season must haves. 


There you have it folks, our 15 favorite fashion bloggers for CROCUS girls! Interact with us, let us know your favorites!


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