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Coming Soon! — Designs by Christophe Sauvat

Posted: Apr 26 2016

It's always exciting to bring in beautifully designed pieces, but this upcoming release is something very special. Christophe Sauvat has made his mark around the globe, inspiring the fashion world with his stunning line. 
What first began as highly influential bracelets in the 80s, soon developed into renowned collaborations with designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tony Burch. Today, his line represents a confident, assertive, and well-travelled woman. 
Using ancient traditional forms of embroidery and printing, we could not be more thrilled to offer some of these beautiful creations. Celebrating culture and design, here are three of the upcoming pieces in which you can add to your personal collection — don't miss out!

Bolshoi Embroidered Dress 

Bolshoi Embroidered Dress Christophe Sauvat
With the summer months quickly approaching, nothing is more flattering than a well-designed dress. True to Sauvat's style, this embroidered blue dress is chic, yet relaxed. Being a bright, billowy sundress, it will look perfect with a large sun hat and oversized sunglasses. 

Floral Printed Off-The-Shoulder Top - Red 

Floral Printed Off-The-Shoulder Top christophe sauvat
This airy off-the-shoulder top is so flattering, showing off your sun-kissed skin. The floral printed design and light fabric will instantly elevate your favourite pair of denim. With great attention to detail, this design is both feminine and alluring.

Bolshoi Top

Bolshoi Top christophe sauvât
With basket weaved fabric, this sexy and charming off-shoulder top offers a beautiful neckline. This Boho-chic shirt is perfect with a pair of jeans or a high waist skirt — and with its long sleeves, the Bolshoi top is perfect for those cooler summer evenings.
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